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Preview of some of our Stealth Belt Styles below.

Stealth Belt Pro

Stealth Belt Pro – Great for everyone!

This comfortable and secure belt features an adjustable waist band. Stealth Belt Pro is perfect for all activities including casual wear and daily use after surgery to help get you back to your life.


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Hybrid Style Stealth Belt

The Hybrid Neoprene & Nylon combination is designed to be light-weight and comfortable for all day wear. The zipper is hidden and located in the center to make it easy to access and seal.  Special slim edges keep it thin and soft.  The extra strength and support make this style stronger than the Pro Style and lighter than the Neoprene Extreme Style. The improvements in the zipper and optional added pocket make it very streamlined. Special seam design allows for expansion. The Muffler and Stoma guard layers help to muffle noise and provide basic protection from blunt impacts like martial arts or boxing.  Additional Muffler insert can be added for additional protection.



Comfort Band

Comfort Style Band

The Band Belt is an easy slip-on style that is ideal for leisure and sleeping. It is a flat band with a zippered pouch compartment.

The Band Belt has no Velcro, Straps or Hooks for a lightweight comfortable completely sleek feel. Band Belt are available as pull on belts or with no closure systems.

The Band Style Stealth Belt may also be used by people who prefer the mini pouching systems or pouch covers or for people who just prefer a light weight streamlined look with light support. This style works great under tight clothing.

This comfortable style works great as a way to cover the Ostomy bag and keep it in place for intimacy and relaxed wear.

Custom Colors

Specialty Stealth Belt Designs and Colors

Custom Stealth Belts are made to your specifications. A variety of Colors are available. We will do our best to find the color or pattern of your choice.

We have a variety of custom colors added weekly. Click below to see more.

Intimacy and Lace Stealth Belt

Intimacy and Lace Stealth Belt

Lace Intimacy Ostomy support belt is specifically designed for intimacy with an Ostomy.

The Ostomy pouch is supported horizontally inside the zippered pouch compartment.

Beautiful, sexy lace exterior conceals and supports an Ostomy appliance.

Kids and Petite Belt

Kids and Petite Belt

The Stealth Belt Custom Kids Ostomy support belt is specially made for all daily activities, Water sports, Swimming and School activities.

Kids custom designed Ostomy support belts are available in many stylish colors and patterns.

Our Kids Ostomy support belts provide confidence and security for Kids.

Small Waist Size (14″ -24″)

Water Sports Extreme Belt

Water Sports Extreme Belt

The New Neoprene Extreme Style is great for Water Sports. Suggested uses include: Scuba Diving, Wind surfing, Surfing & Kayaking.

The Extreme works best when you will be involved in the water for extended periods.

Swim or spend a day at the beach. This style is great for hot tubs, swimming laps, keeping your ostomy bag secure in the shower or for water aerobics.  The Pro style is great for most water activities, if you want stronger support that you know will stay on no matter what then choose this style. * The only ostomy belt to endure an Iron Man Race and the Worlds Toughest Mudder Obstacle Course Twice.

Vertical Support Belt

Vertical Stealth Belts are made to your specifications. A variety of Colors are available.


Double Ostomy & Urostomy Specialty Design

Double Ostomy & Urostomy Specialty Design

The Double Ostomy & Urostomy is a Specialty design.

Call our design team and we will work with you to make the perfect Stealth Belt.


The Hernia Support Package is an Add-On for people who need additional reinforcement for Hernia Support.  Pro Style Stealth Belts are recommended for this package.
Additional layers of breathable sports fabric are used to provided support around the stoma area.  This option keeps the same look of the Stealth Belt Pro Style and also has an adjustable waist band for your comfort and additional support.

You must select your choice of Stealth Belt for this Add-On to be valid.
One Add-On Package per belt is needed to complete your order.



The Muffler is an oval neoprene insert which helps minimize stoma sounds.  The muffler is not attached, so it can be removed easily. This is a great way to keep your stoma noises quiet in public.  Important for Meetings, Church, Movie, Date-Night, School, Class and any place you want to make sure your stoma will not be heard. The Mufflers work great for protection for contact sports or to protect your stoma for work or activities.

Several examples from recent customers who use the Mufflers include: Police, Active Military, Football Players, Paintball Enthusiasts, Karate and Kung Fu  Martial Artists.


Stealth Belt Giftcards

Stealth Belt Gift Certificate

Include the Name and Contact Information for the person you would like to give a Stealth Belt Gift Card. We will contact your recipient in your behalf and help them order the correct Stealth Belt. Since prices vary, you may choose to be notified if the final total is different from the amount purchased. You can also give anonymously if you prefer.

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Here is a quick summary of things you may also want to know. Our goal is to help you get the perfect Stealth Belt for your needs.

  • International shipping?  Yes. We have successfully shipped to over 49 countries.
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  • Tracking for shipping?  Yes.  Your Stealth Belt is guaranteed and tracked with all shipping options.
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  • How long will it take?  Current average wait time is 18 – 21 days to complete your Stealth Belt, then it will be shipped. Tracking will be sent to you the day your order is shipped.
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